Trisolve provides design and installation services for customised and standard cooling systems, chillers, and temperature control units. Our team oversees the entire process from delivery to installation and commissioning while collaborating with mechanical and electrical services. Trisolve prioritises cost-effectiveness in their solutions and aims for a smooth installation process with minimal disruptions to production.

We offer preventative maintenance contracts to maintain the performance and longevity of your equipment and provide reports on conditions after each visit. Trisolve creates smart systems that accurately align with their clients' operational, environmental, and business needs. We collaborate at any phase of a project, adjust and revise solutions as necessary, and provide comprehensive and transparent proposals.

Our proposals include technical, performance, and financial information, projections of cost and energy savings, and the estimated payback schedule of the solution, where applicable. Trisolve also assists in identifying relevant carbon reduction incentive schemes and loans to lower installation costs and help reach energy targets.

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TriSolve’s Customer Collaboration

Design Support

In addition to standalone equipment, TriSolve offers comprehensive design and installation services. Our team creates customized cooling systems, chillers, and skids to meet your specific needs. We manage the entire project, from delivery and installation to commissioning. We also collaborate with all the mechanical and electrical services required for a seamless installation process.


Installing Your Cooling Systems

TriSolve keeps your costs in mind while delivering efficient cooling solutions with minimal disruption to your operations. Our meticulous planning ensures a smooth installation process. Our flexible installation engineers can work around your schedule, completing work during business hours with a brief shutdown or during off-peak times. Additionally, we can pre-build systems on-site or off-site to minimise downtime.


Maintaining Your Cooling Equipment

Safeguard your cooling system's efficiency and compliance with a TriSolve preventative maintenance contract. Our qualified engineers will perform scheduled visits to ensure your coolers run optimally and adhere to UK F-Gas leak-checking regulations. This minimises the risk of disruptions to your production. Following each service, you'll receive a detailed report on your equipment's health. Additionally, the plan guarantees prompt attention from our engineers if your chiller malfunctions, getting it back up and running quickly.

System Evaluation

TriSolve designs future-proof cooling solutions that perfectly align with your current and evolving operational needs, environmental goals, and business objectives. We prioritise extending the lifespan of your existing systems through repurposing, improvement, and retrofitting equipment. This reduces upfront costs and maximises your return on investment. Our flexible collaboration extends throughout all project phases, allowing us to adapt and refine solutions as needed to ensure optimal outcomes.

We provide well-organised designs with detailed technical specifications, performance data, and financial breakdowns. Our proposals also include in-depth projections of cost savings, energy efficiency gains, and the solution's payback period, when applicable.

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