TriSolve collaborates with you to deliver optimal temperature control solutions tailored to your specific process requirements, site limitations, and budgetary constraints. Our comprehensive range of cost-effective temperature control solutions gives us the ability to offer you the most suitable solution that meets your unique needs.

Our offerings include standalone products as well as complete, energy-efficient packages that are customized to address the budget requirements of our diverse clientele. Our seasoned team works hand in hand with you, from the initial concept to the final commissioning, to provide personalized solutions that meet the particular needs of your business.

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The Reliable Cooling Solution for Your Needs

TriSolve is a reliable supplier and installer of temperature control and cooling solutions based in the Midlands, and we collaborate with you to deliver optimal temperature control solutions tailored to your specific process requirements, site limitations, and budgetary constraints. Our comprehensive range of cost-effective temperature control solutions gives us the ability to offer you the most suitable solution that meets your unique needs.


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Boost Efficiency and Save Money with the TriSolve

Thanks to our high-quality products and expertise, we are able to deliver efficient and durable solutions for your company. These will make sure you will have a cost-effective cooling system that will meet your requirements and budget.

We also offer maintenance packages, which can help keep your cooling solutions up-to-date and operating to the best of its efficiency. Whether you are looking for a single unit or a complete bespoke system, TriSolve is here to help you!


Precise Temperature Control

Our cooling systems are not only designed to last long but also to meet precise temperature control requirements. Engineering, Testing and Manufacturing industries, as well as Metal wors, heat treatment and finishing industries may need a close control application; therefore, our products can perform perfectly for years to come and keep your operations running smoothly.


Benefits of Improving Your Cooling Systems with TriSolve

At TriSolve, we ensure that all clients will receive a high-quality system that will meet their unique requirements, bringing many benefits to their business, including:


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  • Tailored Solutions:

TriSolve offers standard and bespoke temperature control and cooling solution for all clients. Our experienced cooling engineers can assess your unique space limitations and budgetary needs to design a cooling system that optimises performance within your specific requirements.

  • Comprehensive Range of Products:

We offer a complete selection of cooling equipment, from industrial chillers and pumps to temperature control units and coolers. This extensive range allows us to create a customised system that perfectly matches your company's cooling requirements.

  • Cost-Effective Solutions:

TriSolve understands the importance of budget. We prioritise energy-efficient technologies and long-lasting products, helping you save money on operational costs and minimise the need for frequent replacements. Additionally, we offer flexible financing solutions to make your cooling system upgrade even more affordable.

  • Options for Single Products and Complete Packages:

TriSolve caters to your specific temperature control and cooling needs. Whether you require a single, high-performance product or a complete, integrated cooling system, we can help. Our team can handle the entire process, from equipment selection and design to professional installation and after-sales. But in case you are only looking for spare parts, we can help you too.

  •  High-Quality and Durable Products:

At TriSolve, we prioritise quality and reliability. We source our products from industry-leading manufacturers, and we can design a complete bespoke cooling system for you, ensuring your cooling system is built to last. This translates to fewer maintenance headaches, reduced downtime, and a longer lifespan for your investment.


Cooling Solutions for All Industries

From manufacturing to IT & Data centres, we are experts in temperature control and cooling solutions for all industries. Our expertise lies in offering tailored solutions to meet diverse requirements, whether it's precise temperature control and rapid response or the removal of heat from server racks.

We understand that each industry and company requires different cooling systems for different applications and results, and thanks to our team of experts, we can install a complete cooling system with minimal disruption to your operations.


Contact TriSolve to Learn More About our Products

Our range of products and solutions caters to all temperature control and cooling-related needs across industries, enabling you to construct an energy-efficient and cost-effective solution for your business. Contact us now for a non-obligation quote or more information on our temperature control and cooling products and services.


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