Glycol and Spares

Glycol for cooling systems is critical for any system that can be exposed to low temperatures such as below 7c. Glycol (anti-freeze) within your cooling system will prevent damage from freezing or even full system failure. Trisolve offers industrial, food safe and non-toxic glycol in a variety of sized containers.

Trisolve also offers spare parts for all aspects of our cooling range, fan motors to valves or pumps to compressors, we can assist you. Comprehensive spares part packages can also be purchased with any cooling system supplied by us 

  • Mono Propylene, Mono Ethylene, Non Toxic and Food Safe Glycol available. 
  • Available in containers from 1 litre to 1000 litre. 
  • Spare parts for chillers, coolers, pumps and ancillaries, TCUs, Heat exchangers. 

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