Pressurised Water TCUs

Our Pressurized Water Temperature Controllers have been designed, developed, and manufactured in the temperature range of 140/160/180°C. The components have been meticulously chosen for their durability, performance, and reliability in demanding industrial settings with high temperatures.  

This product line has been tailored to meet the requirements of the technical parts and medical industries.medical/pharmaceutical applications. 

  • Heating Capacities from 6k/W to 60k/W 
  • Temperature up to 180°c 
  • Single or Dual Heating Stages 
  • Flow rates up to 200l/Min as Standard 
  • Suction Functions available on select models 
  • Solid state relays available on select models 
  • Booster Pump as standard on select models 
  • Optional extras available on select models including Touchscreen, Remote Temperature Sensors, mould cleaning, flowmeters, multi manifolds, LED alarm tower and 3 way anti fouling system. 
  • Communication options including RS485, TTY and Modbus Profibus. Industry 4.0 Ready 
  • 2 Year Warranty as standard 

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