Natural Gas Chiller

Cooling Capacity: 13kW and Above

Our ECO air-cooled liquid chillers are designed with high efficiency for applications that require both superior performance and low operating costs. Specifically tailored for use in the industrial sector where medium temperature process cooling is required, these machines are optimized to operate with propane (R290), a natural hydrocarbon with a low GWP that operates effectively in a wide range of conditions and meets HFC refrigerant regulations such as the European “F-gas” regulation. Given the flammability of propane, these units incorporate important safety features such as a robust and leak-tight refrigeration circuit, Atex-certified components, a separate compartment for the electrical panel, and a gas detection system. 

Designed for outdoor installations, these units comply with the “Ecodesign” directive of EU regulation (EU) 2015/1095, which implements Directive 2009/125/EC. The main components of these chillers include a high-efficiency semi-hermetic reciprocating compressor, EC axial fans, and a high-efficiency condensing coil. A microprocessor manages the compressors to provide the required cooling capacity and controls operating alarms, with the possibility of connecting to a BMS. 

The CRIO units are optimized to minimize the space occupied and facilitate simple and safe maintenance operations. All units undergo rigorous inspection and testing at the production plant before shipment, and installation is made easy thanks to the provision of hydraulic and electrical connections that enable quick connection to power supply networks. 

  • Plastic, rubber, packaging 
  • Food production 
  • Beverage 
  • Chemical & Pharmaceutical 
  • Metal Works 
  • Engineering & Other Manufacturing 
  • Medical & Scientific 
  • R290 Propane Gas 
  • Cooling capacities from 7k/W to 625k/W 
  • Reversable Heat Pump Version Heating Capacity from 35k/W to 710k/W 
  • ErP EC axial Fans 
  • Single or Multiple Circuit 
  • Design, Installation and Commissioning available

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