TriSolve Temperature Control Solutions

Free Cooling Chillers

Cooling Capacity: 13kW – 690kW

TriSolve free cooling chillers are ideal for providing chilled water throughout the year for industrial purposes, and are particularly well-suited for use in commercial and industrial buildings. These machines operate using a dual mechanism that depends on the outside temperature: when it is above 15°C, the water is cooled by a compressor, but when the temperature is lower, the system uses the low air temperature to achieve the same goal. This approach offers numerous benefits, such as reduced operating costs during the spring and fall, free production of chilled water during the winter, fewer maintenance operations, increased durability of the machines, and energy savings. 

  • Plastic, rubber, packaging
  • Food production
  • Beverage
  • Chemical & Pharmaceutical
  • Metal Works
  • Engineering & Other Manufacturing
  • Medical & Scientific
  • Available in a variety of gases including R410a and Natural Gases
  • Cooling capacities from 12k/W
  • ErP EC or AC axial Fans
  • Can be supplied with internal pumps and tanks
  • Single or Multiple Circuit
  • Standard and Bespoke Chillers Available
  • Design, Installation and Commissioning available

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