Free Coolers

Trisolve Free Coolers are created to lower energy usage and carbon footprint of chilled water systems. Free Coolers use outdoor air to cool industrial process water. The system circulates process water through heat exchangers exposed to outside air. As the outdoor air absorbs heat from the process water, it cools the water. Temperature controls activate free cooling when outdoor air is sufficiently cool. Cooled process water is then recirculated to industrial processes, reducing the need for mechanical refrigeration. These systems enhance energy efficiency and operational cost savings in industries with significant cooling requirements.

It comes equipped with built-in controls, a 3-way valve, an actuator, and bypass pipe work and can be easily added to both existing and new systems.

  • Designed to significantly decrease energy consumption by as much as 80%.
  • With a short payback period, full return on investment can be achieved in as little as 6 months.
  • By using the free cooler, maintenance costs for chillers are also reduced and the lifespan of the chiller is extended.
  • Free Coolers can help maximise benefits through enhanced Capital Allowance Schemes.
  • Fully packaged and only require a single 3-phase connection for easy installation.
  • Custom designs are also available to cater to unique requirements.

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