During the cooling process, the liquid frequently accumulates impurities that diminish efficiency and performance. These impurities, when present in a cooling system, obstruct heat exchangers, spray nozzles, and harm downstream equipment. This leads to heightened maintenance, increased downtime, and a detrimental impact on product quality. Filtration serves as a crucial solution, effectively separating solids from liquids and ensuring that process cooling systems remain free from problematic substances like sand, grit, scale, rust, and other solids. These filtration applications extend across various industries, including metal fabrication, plastics, glass manufacturing, and more. Regardless of the specific industry, the common outcome is consistent: the implementation of effective filtration, reclaiming valuable liquids and significantly reducing maintenance and downtime costs.

We Supply the following:

  • Simplex and duplex basket strainers
  • Y type strainers
  • Self-clean filters
  • Temporary strainers
  • Wedge wire elements
  • Magnetic Filtration
  • Minimal Pressure Drop Versions avaliable


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