Adiabatic Coolers

Adiabatic coolers are a cutting-edge alternative to traditional cooling towers that require less maintenance and have lower operating costs. They are a low-risk option compared to hybrid and traditional cooling towers, come with UV sterilisation as standard, and have been developed with guidance from the British Health & Safety Executive. Trisolve’s adiabatic system also effectively manages the risk of Legionella. Horizontal, Vertical, V and Half V Configurations are available. 

  • Our Energy Saving Cooler is a low-risk option for Legionella and doesn’t require ongoing chemical treatment or registration with local authorities.  
  • Extremely energy-efficient, using only 25% of the energy of traditional fan technology.  
  • The Water Saving Cooler uses minimal water consumption, less than 4% of hybrid cooling towers and less than 1% of traditional cooling tower water usage.  
  • The Fully Built Cooler is pre-commissioned and requires minimal installation, commissioning and maintenance.  
  • Compatible with IOT (Internet of Things) communication worldwide with standard WiFi or optional 3G controls 
  • Standard 2-year warranty, including parts and labour in the UK mainland. (Parts only outside UK) 

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